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RBS: Practical Theology
  • A consideration of the elements that constitute a “biblical call to the ministry” and how the pastor may cultivate personal piety and godliness in his life.
  • A systematic and practical study regarding the nature and method of preparing and delivering sermons and lectures. Includes an analysis of types of sermons (expositional, topical, redemptive-historical) and a consideration of the importance of the Holy Spirit and prayer in connection with the ministry of the Word.

  • A systematic and practical study regarding the nature and methodologies of pastoral ministry in the church. Includes an analysis of the pastor’s role as leader, administrator, shepherd, counselor, and trainer, as well as his relationship to his fellow-­‐elders, deacons, and other church staff (2 credits).

  • This course is designed to explore how to develop and work out a vision in a church body that approaches administration, worship, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach so that a God-centered, Christ-centered, and Gospel-centered ministry is experienced with a pro-active and militant passion for the glory of God according to the principles of the New Testament.

  • This introduction to pastoral counseling will examine the counseling ministry of a pastor in terms of biblical mandate and historic example. Through readings and lectures it will provide a counseling model and demonstrate its application to differing counseling problems. In addition the course will introduce practical counseling procedure.
  • A systematic and practical study of the theology and practice of biblical evangelism and missions.
  • This course aims at providing the student a detailed analysis of the Pastoral Epistles coupled with a more thematic application of the leading principles contained therein.